SkyArk Studio – The Next Animoca

Binance-backed SkyArk Studio aims to deliver multiple game titles and build an ecosystem out of Singapore.


SkyArk is a must-watch project!

SkyArk Studio is highly earmarked as one of the high potential GameFi projects to be backed by Binance and several other Tier1 VCs.


Binance invests in SkyArk Studio

Binance has selected SkyArk Studio to represent Singapore from over 1000+ applicants in Binance Incubator Season 3.

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SkyArk Chronicles

Logo HouseOfHeros V2

SkyArk Chronicles: House of Heroes Once upon a time, the God of Creation named Satoshi Nakamoto created the SkyArkVerse. The SkyArkVerse is a safe house for all sentient life in the Metaverse. It is the place that many intelligent species seek refuge in when their worlds are under threat by the Dark Forces that invade the Non-corrupted areas of the Metaverse.

Satoshi Nakamoto as your King, together with the House of Heroes are responsible for repelling all hostile threats that invade SkyLands that are part of the SkyArkVerse!

Logo LegendArised V2

SkyArk Chronicles: Legends Arise Happens at the timeline when Satoshi Nakamoto disappeared from SkyArkVerse without leaving a clue, after fighting along with the House of Heroes since the past decade.

Enter the mystical world of Sky Chronicles: Legends Arise as one of the many unique legends born into the world to save it from the hordes of hellish creatures that wish to conquer it and bring it under the rule of the Dark Commander. As a legend, you are to fight whatever the Dark Commander throws at your Fantasy world!

Logo MirrorVerse

SkyArk Chronicles: MirrorVerse The Epic battle in Legends Arise had ended the evil forces and once again SkyArkVerse regain the peace that Satoshi Nakamoto had created.

Enter the SocialFi of Sky Chronicles: MirrorVerse as the Legends and Heroes will have to rebuild and reclaim their SkyLands from the beginning again, together with the communities and the blessings from Satoshi Nakamoto. We will build a better SkyArkVerse that Satoshi began with!


Game Features

Guild System
Land System

Story Adventure (PVE)

For Peace, For Love, For MetaVerse!

The choice is yours to pick up the weapons to fight or to pray for your freedom against the evil force! We Legends choose to fight along with our heroes.

Adventure Feature

Satoshi Original Story

Control Your Destiny in the Immersive Storyline!

Discover the original story of Satoshi Nakamoto in the World of Fantasyverse and the reason behind his agenda!

Story Feature

SkyArk (Guild Airship)

Greater Power come with Greater Members!

Guild leaders will need to construct Guild Airships called SkyArk to hunt the strongest monsters in the world. The bigger the Airship the more guild members the leader can recruit.

SkyArk Feature

SkyLand (Land Harvesting)

Customize your homeland created by Satoshi!

Players who own SkyLands will enjoy exclusive control over their own SkyLands that will enable resource mining, castle development, farming/ harvesting of produce.

SkyLand Feature


Q2 2021

  • Ideation & Conceptualization

Q3 - Q4 2021

  • Preparation & Planning
  • Origination of Intellectual Property (IPs)
  • Onboarding investors and advisors
  • Binance Labs Incubation Program

Q1 2022

  • NFT Game Sky.Engine Development
  • NFT Marketplace Development
  • Preparation of Phase 1 NFT Heroes

Q2 2022

  • Phase 1 Limited Release of NFT Heroes
  • NFT Marketplace (SAC platform)
  • Token Launch on Exchange(s)
  • Staking of $SAR for rewards
  • NFT Game Sky.Engine Alpha Testing

Q3 2022

  • Phase 2 Release of NFT Heroes
  • NFT Game Sky.Engine (HOH) to Production
  • Anime IP Collaboration in SkyArkVerse
  • PvE, PvP, Gameplay (DAO)
  • SACH Incubation Program

Q4 2022

  • Release of NFT SkyArks (Guild)
  • 2nd Title (LA) Alpha Testing
  • Interoperable NFT for Titles
  • Release of NFT SkyLands (Lands)
  • Incubate new projects with NFT Game Sky.Engine


Jon 300x300

Co-Founder / CEO

Jonathan Zhang

Kelvin 300x300

Co-Founder / COO

Kelvin Chua

Jay Too 300x300

Co-Founder / CSO

Jay Too

Jeremy Tan 300x300



West Lin 300x300

Game Director

West Lin

Ting Lin Yeh 300x300

Technical Director

Ting Lin Yeh

Teo Sing Nee 300x300

Senior Producer

Teo Sing Nee

Daniel Fu 300x300

Game Producer

Daniel Fu

Ryan Tong 300x300


Ryan Tong

Lee Chee Min 300x300

Creative Director

Lee Chee Min

Tan Hu Thye 300x300

Art Director

Tan Hu Thye

Benson Leong 300x300

Art Director

Benson Leong

Dodo Yang 300x300

Art Director

Dodo Yang

Walter Wang 300x300

Sr Blockchain Engineer

Walter Wang

Hikaha Shen 300x300

Client Engineer

Hikaha Shen

Jack Chou 300x300

Server Engineer

Jack Chou

Yoyo Fung 300x300

Game Designer

Yoyo Fung

Leosun Liu 300x300

Game Designer

Leosun Liu

Max Chan 300x300

3D Supervisor

Max Chan

Wey Zhen 300x300

3D Supervisor

Tan Wey Zhen

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Ryan 300x300

Senior Advisor

Evvolabs CEO

Ryan Wong

Charles Yeo 300x300

Senior Advisor

Vividthree Co-Founder

Charles Yeo

Sky Li 300x300

Senior Advisor

Vividthree Co-Founder

Sky Li

Jay Hong 300x300

Senior Advisor

Vividthree Co-Founder

Jay Hong

Wong Yuen 300x300

Senior Advisor

Labs Group CEO

Yuen Wong

Ken Tan 300x300

Game Advisor

CEO Belive, Ex-Director DeNA SEA

Kenneth Tan

CH 300x300

Legal Advisor

CHP Law Managing Partner

Christopher Huang

Zheng Le White 300x300


Team Impunity Founder

Zheng Le

Tan Meng Jie


Director of Taknet

Mengjie Chen

Andy Koh 300x300


GEMS Esports CEO

Andy Koh

Boon 300x300

Tax Advisor

CST - Managing Director

Boon Tan

Investors and Partners

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Evvolabs Black
Chance Digital
So Net
Logo Octave Music
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Cst Logo White