Skyark Chronicles

No one knows truly just how vast the SkyArkVerse is, only that it is a multiverse full of possibilities. It is a world of fantasy and magic, made up of a series of floating islands connected by chains. The islands are lush with life and adventurers traverse the skies in SkyArks.

Some islands are a self contained biome of life and many magical creatures make their homes in tiny pockets on the islands. Others are hubs for commerce and trades, with large harbours and landing strips to accommodate the ships and SkyArks that make their way there.

Satoshi populated the islands with beasts, and they multiplied amongst themselves, finding their own corners in every island to make home. Some were descended from primal beasts, the first animals Satoshi ever created, thrumming with magic.

The lands hum with energy, growing with Satoshi's intent when he created them. SkyLegends oversee the lands, and keep the peace under the rule of their king, Satoshi Nakamoto.


Satoshi Nakamoto is the God of Creation and also hailed as the king of the SkyArkVerse. Born in the middle of an empty cosmos, he created the SkyArkVerse out of a desire for life to thrive.

Satoshi is kind despite his sheer power. He is determined to protect his creation from the monsters that threaten to overthrow it and is more than willing to throw himself headlong into danger to save his world.