Meet and collect different SkyLegends! As the strongest beings of the SkyArkVerse, they are a challenge to obtain and success guarantees power for the player!


Choose from 5 main classes of SkyHeroes, with over 20 different jobs! Join the uprising against the darkness threatening the SkyArkVerse, progress through the ranks and choose your own path!


Obtain and collect rare and unique equipment by hunting and trading in game for your character, from weapons to armour and other accessories!


Explore the different SkyLands and their terrain and even own a SkyLand of your own. Created by the God of Creation, Satoshi Nakamoto, every SkyLand is different. Build your very own fantasy castle, mine for ores or even fish for food!


Join a Guild and participate in Missions and Events with your friends! Guild members can build a SkyArk and recruit even more players to run their own community. Engage in Guild Wars involving the top 20 guilds to hunt down Monster Islands and may the strongest Guild prevail!