SkyArk Chronicles is a Triple A fantasy JRPG Game with Interoperable NFTs. The SkyArk Chronicles is a Trilogy of 2 GameFi(“House of Heroes” and “Legends Arise”) and 1 SocialFi Metaverse (“RE: SkyArkVerse”).

Yes there is. Please join our community channels for updated news.
English: https://t.me/SkyArkC
Chinese: https://t.me/Skyarkcn
Indonesia: https://t.me/SkyArkID
Vietnam: https://t.me/SkyArkVN
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/WApq5W8F8Y




The SkyArk Chronicles Trilogy will be on BNB Chain. There will be plans in progress for multichain operation.

$SAR and $REO. These 2 tokens will be used across our SkyArk Metaverse.

Tokens have not been launched yet. Please beware of any fake token sales.

Yes, there is. All players will be given a leader hero to start off with, which can be used to progress through our story.


SkyLand are floating islands created by Gods of Creation. Players can purchase these SkyLands to build their own fantasy castle world. Each plot of land comes with a different sizing, different type of buildings to build and players might find special rewards from their own plot of lands.

SkyArk is a Guild “Airship” (NFT). With it, guild leaders can recruit members who can contribute to the alliance and be rewarded by performing events, missions or adventures as a group.