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SkyArk Chronicles: The most anticipated anime-inspired GameFi series


SkyArk Chronicles: The Most Anticipated Anime-inspired GameFi Series 

SkyArk Chronicles is a GameFi project with a Japanese anime adaptation concept. The project features a series of multiple game titles within SkyArk Chronicles that act as a multiverse, offering exceptional game narratives to immerse in. 

Drawing inspiration from Satoshi Nakamoto, author of the Bitcoin whitepaper, SkyArk is centered around an imaginative world created by Satoshi – creator and leader of the realm and the many trials and tribulations that the world and its characters reside within. A metaverse of floating islands linked by chains with inspiration from blockchain technology where ‘ island (blocks)’ are linked by ‘chains’. 

SkyArk Chronicles harnesses blockchain technology to originate a new intellectual property (IP) that provides extensions from gaming into collectibles, merchandising, animation and movies.  

What will the SkyArk Chronicles series be like?

SkyArk Chronicles has confirmed the upcoming series of House of Heroes, Legends Arise, and  RE: SkyArkVerse. The genre of the first two titles will be a GameFi JRPG, while the third title will be a SocialFi Open World. The two JRPG titles will offer different themes presented in a different chronological story timeline; the first title will be a fantasy setting showing the origin of life on SkyArkVerse, whereas the second title will take time during a modern world. The series will kickstart with House of Heroes as the first title and the following titles are scheduled for release over the coming months.

What is the story behind the SkyArk Chronicles Trilogy series? 

House of Heroes will be the first title of the series where there was nothing but darkness in the world until Satoshi Nakamoto created the SkyArkVerse and brought life into the world. It is a world filled with magical creatures. But with light, there always comes darkness. As Heroes, players will fight along with Satoshi Nakamoto as the creator and the leader against the dark forces that invade the world of SkyArkVerse. 

The second title, Legends Arise, will happen in a different realm within a modern environment where players will be in a quest to search for Satoshi Nakamoto. As the struggle between light and dark forces challenges the peace of the realm, legends arise and get bandied together on a journey to once again save SkyArkVerse from the Dark Commander.

The third title, RE: SkyArkVerse will be a SocialFi exploration concept that will allow players to rebuild SkyArkVerse from the beginning. Players will enjoy exclusive control over SkyLands that will enable resource mining, building development, harvesting, and many more! This is where parallel worlds exist, where we can go back into time, into the future and where new parallel worlds are bridged and also created. 

SkyHeroes: Character Classes in SkyArk Chronicles

At the beginning of the game, players will be given the options to choose the class of their leader, Satoshi Nakamoto as a Warrior, Archer, or Mage. Then, players will also be able to raise their forces and play the 5 main classes of SkyHeroes, which includes Warrior, Magician, Acolyte, Thief, and Archer. These classes are categorized as the tier 1 classes and there will be a progression system for each of the classes with over 20 different job categories, this will allow players to progress through the ranks and choose their own path to unlock new abilities and quests.

What differentiates SkyArk Chronicles from other Play-to-Earn crypto games?

SkyArk Studio acknowledges that the biggest challenge most GameFi crypto projects have been facing is sustainability. Most projects tend to focus more on making quick profits through the economic aspect of the game instead of building a sustainable model. 

Rather than using the Play-to-Earn concept, SkyArk Studio set out to develop and build on a Play-and-Own concept for SkyArk Chronicles as a game that players will enjoy while also allowing them to own in-game assets. What is more exciting is that these assets are interoperable across the different game titles of the series. 

SkyArk Studio hopes to build a sustainable crypto gaming ecosystem through proprietary NFT engine called the SkyEngine Solution by converting conventional games into high quality blockchain games through a combination of economic monitoring, high quality design, and continuous development.

The studio behind the game

                                                                                                                                                   SkyArk Studio Taiwan HQ

SkyArk Studio is Singapore’s leading blockchain AAA gaming studio and is part of Binance Labs incubation program. SkyArk Studio is a team of talented individuals from Singapore, China/ Taiwan(R.O.C), and Indonesia who are also experienced veterans who have previously worked on AAA mobile games from companies like XII Braves, Garena, Gameloft, and Gumi for over 10 years. The team still continues to look for more talents from all over the world to join the growing team to support the company’s ambitions.

The team believes that the future of GameFi needs to be fun and also to provide credibility to players. Inspired by Japanese culture, manga, anime, and traditional JRPG games, the team aims to create SkyArk Chronicles to be a GameFi project with a JRPG genre focusing on players, for them to derive the true meaning of fun from the game series.


                                                                                                                                               SkyArk Studio Singapore HQ

NFT Engine: SkyEngine

SkyArk’s proprietary NFT Engine, SkyEngine, aims to provide the bridge between traditional brands and the Web3 metaverse. COVID19 has accelerated the adoption of virtual meetings and most traditional brands now view metaversal experience as the next level of customer engagement. SkyEngine’s key strengths include being chain agnostic and advises each project based on their needs to build optimally on the chosen chain. Web2 game studios or artists are able to launch their projects through our SkyEngine as we build their blockchain layers. Brands and IPs are able to integrate into our SkyArk metaverse efficiently at great convenience and lower costs to enjoy seamless engagement experiences. 

SkyArk envisions a future where NFTs are interoperable, evolvable and editable. Building a multiverse of IPs that facilitates co-creation, play and growth in the metaverse. There are many new emerging chains and ‘Ethereum Request for Comment’ (ERC) standards which will revolutionize the gamefi experience, and SkyArk aims to be at the forefront with our NFT engine to offer blockchain-as-a-service to projects looking to build in Web3.

More more updates kindly refer to www.skyarkchronicles.com 

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