Raise the strongest heroes and protect the SkyArkVerse!

The SkyArkVerse has descended into chaos, monsters rising from the deep to destroy all that Satoshi Nakamoto has created. Horrified by the destruction, Satoshi must fight and raise his House of Heroes in order to protect the SkyArkVerse.

Enter the new world of Legends Arise, where the world awaits their heroes!

The SkyArkVerse thrived after House of Heroes. However, the hard won peace is about to shatter. A gatekeeper is murdered and a bridge between two worlds has been left open. The SkyLegends must battle the hellish creatures once more in order to safeguard all of the SkyArkVerse!

Rebuild the SkyLands and reclaim your home to recreate a better SkyArkVerse!

RE: SkyArkVerse is the rebirth of SkyArkVerse, where the new parallel worlds are bridged and also created. In this SocialFi Open World, SkyHeroes and SkyLegends must rebuild their world from the destruction of war. Players will be able to explore a new world, socialize with friends, and build their own lands!