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Binance invests in SkyArk Studio


Binance has selected SkyArk Studio to represent Singapore from over 1000+ applicants in Binance Incubator Season 3. A total of 9 teams were chosen but only 3 have yet to launch tokens, and SkyArk Studio is one of the 3 teams. There’s plenty of attention on SkyArk Studio as it aims to deliver multiple game titles and build an ecosystem out of Singapore. Binance is the largest exchange platform and network and aims to release private side chains to support the growing GameFi ecosystem. SkyArk Studio is a brand new studio led by very experienced teams that have built traditional mobile games that grossed half a billion dollars for FTP games through in-game purchases. The game development team is paired with a blockchain team that has launched multiple Defi and GameFi projects. Together they form the foundation team of SkyArk Studio which aims to launch both Fully-On-Chain and Only-Assets-On-Chain games to demonstrate our capabilities as well as our NFT game engine which allows NFTs to be interoperable, editable and evolvable. It will be a revolutionary moment when NFTs are cross-used amongst different games of vastly different gameplays.

Read more about it here: www.binance.com/en/blog/ecosystem/binance-labs-launches-season-3-of-incubation-program-421499824684903042