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SkyArk Chronicles is seeking a React front-end engineer to contribute to the production of our in-development games. You will work closely with stakeholders, engineers, producers, and game designers; to develop the front-end for our dApp according to the game requirements.

  • Develop and integrate front-end interfaces for our dApp and blockchain smart contracts according to our required game features and functionalities.
  • Continue to improve and optimize the front-end architecture.
  • Understand the security issues related to dApp and blockchain and ensure that front-end code and architecture is rigorous, the structure is clean, safe and stable.
  • Bachelor degree or above computer-related fields, with more than 2 years of front-end related work experience
  • Proficient with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (ES6+)
  • Proficient with React + Redux or Vue + Vuex
  • Proficient with RESTful API and WebSocket connection
  • Proficient with node, express and npm
  • Proficient with webpack or browserify
  • Good with various HTML, JavaScript and CSS libraries/frameworks
Preferred Qualities:
  • Has a high degree of enthusiasm and passion about the blockchain and is wiling to participate in the learning of new technologies.
  • Good team communication, strong expression ability, and able to work under pressure.
  • Good self management skills
  • Have a considerable understanding of Defi and Gamefi.
  • Typescript
  • Experience in React Native development
  • Experience in developing large-scale websites as part of a team
  • Experience with Blockchain, Smart Contract, dApp, web3.js, Graphql